Incorporating COURTESY, RELIABILITY and INTEGRITY into everything we do.



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Verified Services

We take the trust you have placed in us seriously. One of the ways we honour your trust is by sending you photos of the technician actively applying the services of your choice to your lawn.

With the application documented it also helps with before and after comparisons.

No auto renewing contracts unless you want them. People are busy, we get that, with that in mind we offer the option for an auto renewing service, but it is at your discretion.

About our small print, there isn’t any, what you see is what you get.

For all of our regularly scheduled services we send email verification, prior to showing up at your home.  There are a number of reasons why this is the right way for us to operate.

The first reason is COURTESY, just showing up with no notice is impolite

There may also be some preparation needed by you, if your pets spend time in the backyard they will need to taken into the house.

If you are getting over seeding or top seeding done it improves the effectiveness if the lawn is cut short.

Our fertilization and weed control services have been carefully designed to provide you with the best value in the Calgary marketplace.

Our Policy

Spring Boost

This is the option for the person on a tight budget. A single application of our high value high impact fertilizer. As with all of our services you will receive notification in advance of our arrival and Verified services (photos of us Applying the fertilizer).
$5 OFF

Full Treatment Plus

This is the top of the line. Early season aeration and top seeding, with full spectrum weed control and fertilizing.
Multiple applications of fertilizer and weed control, four in total.
Your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood and even better your lawn will be healthy and in top shape.
$50 OFF

Super Spring Boost

This option is a good fit if your lawn has just not been up to snuff. If you have thin or baring patches, if your lawn did not have good colour last year. Your lawn will be Aerated, top or over seeded and fertilized.
$50 OFF


This is the fertilizer package for the client who only wants certified organic fertilizer. Many people are choosing to use organic products for the health of the planet, and a variety of personal reasons.
We are happy to provide certified organic fertilizer for their homes.This does not include any weed control treatment as weed control products are not organic.

Full Treatment

This is a great program with multiple applications, four in total. With the season long application of fertilizer and weed control services your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood.
$50 OFF

Additional SErvices

  • Lawn Aeration as a stand alone service from $75
  • Over seeding from $60
  • Flower bed and Garden fertilization from $80
  • Vegetation Control sometimes refereed to a crack service from $80
  • Large acreage and out of Calgary is available inquire for a quote


Why Choose Green Guard Lawn Fertilization?

First our programs will improve the health of your lawn.  We are constantly striving to provide you with the best products, services and value.


Our culture of INTEGRITY and COURTESY including Verified Services provides you with the best packages and treats you like we would like to be treated.


Sign up today to get the best value. Pre-season sign ups get significant discounts.

*This is a pre-season offer so sign up today to take advantage of these special discounts.

**This offer will not be available once the 2018 season is upon us.

Our Policy

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At GREEN GUARD LAWN FERTILIZATION we do things differently, and you’ll find that’s better.

Success without INTEGRITY is meaningless. My commitment is to treat you the way I would like to be treated. We incorporate COURTESTY, RELIABILITY and INTEGRITY into every lawn we do.

After all the clients are often our neighbours, and it is just good manners to be nice, and respectful.

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Verified Services

What is Verified Services and why does it matter?

I feel that when you allow us on your lawn there is a trust. To help honour that trust we will send you a photo of us applying fertilizer to your lawn.

Often our clients are not home when we provide our services, by sending you a photo this gives you extra peace of mind that you are getting what you paid for.

Another benefit of this system is it shows the condition of the lawn throughout the season, it documents the condition and the results of our fertilization and weed control process.

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