Frequently Asked Questions

1. Have you ever been the victim of automatic renewal contracts?

The fine print that traps unsuspecting people into automatic renew contracts

If you want an automatic renewing contract we can provide, that but it is at your request and we always communicate prior to service. Many clients complain about auto renewing contracts.  The homeowner signed up for a season and the next year their lawn gets treated even though they did not want it. Often with a bill that goes to a collection agency. We do not do that to our customers..

2. Have you ever felt that your lawn didn’t get the service you paid for?

The next big complaint I have seen in many reviews is the lawn did not get treated. This is the reason why we provide verified services. There is no question if the lawn was treated. We send you the proof every time. We treat our customers better.

3. Customer service skills and communicating scheduling

Finally many of the complaints are regarding customer service skills and communicating scheduling. I pledge that we will email prior to applying our lawn care packages. If we do not receive an email giving us the go ahead we will call. Whether is a factor so if we have to change the scheduled day for your lawn we will communicate. It is just good manners

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