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We don’t have any fine print, you are in charge of automatic renewals, the only way you will receive automatic renewals is if you sign up for them.




We provide verified services.  You will never again wonder if the work was done.  We send you proof every time we visit your home.


We pledge to email you prior to applying any lawn care package.  If we don’t receive a confirmation email from you authorizing us to visit your home, we give you a follow up phone call.




Weather can be a factor with fertilizing and weed control programs, if we have to reschedule your appointment we will let you know.  It’s just good manners.


Finally we are human and from time to time mistakes can happen. If this does happen to you, I promise to work with you to find a solution, in a fair and upstanding fashion.


Sign up for a full package next year & get Free top seeding


  • Digital picture verification for all of our services (Verified Services)
  • We will not auto renew without your express consent
  • With all Full Treatment or Full Treatment Plus you get Free re-applications as needed
    (if you have problem areas we will reapply some limits based upon lawn health constraints)
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