Driving Courses

At Peters Educational Services we firmly believe that the more fun you have while learning, the greater impact your training will have.

Our smaller class sizes ensure all participants have the opportunity for discussion and interaction.

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If you have any questions or comments about the courses we offer, we welcome your inquiries by e-mail info@petersed.com or call 403-774-1271 to book the best training.

Private classes available. 

Proactive Defensive Driving Course

3 Demerit reduction Defensive Driving Course in class. Reviews Alberta’s Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulations, attitude, introduces defensive, collision-avoidance techniques.

Day and Evening Classes are available.

Senior Driver Awareness

If you plan on getting older, this course is for you! In our experienced driver awareness course, you will personally assess your own abilities, knowledge, and skills.

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Driver Review and Evaluation Sessions

Driver Review and Evaluation Sessions combines theory and highly coached in-vehicle sessions providing an opportunity to reinforce defensive techniques.

Evaluate new hires, post-incident, Advanced Road Test preparation; meets safety training requirements.

General Driver Evaluation

Experienced drivers’ good habits are reinforced as they demonstrate knowledge and application of the Rules of the Road. Risk factors are identified. Remedial coaching as required. Specific skills coaching as requested (parking, merging, right-of-way, etc.).

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Advanced Road Test Prep

Alberta new Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program requires new drivers to pass an advanced road test to obtain a non-probationary, full privilege operators license.

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Professional Driver Improvement Course

Professional Driver Improvement Course is tailored to your corporate policies, SOPs, and safety program. Recommended for truck-tractor, bus/coach operators.

Delivered at your facility to a maximum of ten participants.