Thanks for the course last night.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and quite enjoyed it.

I wanted to mention before I forgot, that it was really nice to have local footage and news stories.  It made things feel much more immediate.  I think if it was generic video, it wouldn’t have felt as close to home as it did, and might have been much more dismissible if it was only footage from other cities and countries.

I think you engaged everyone really well and could tell that you really want to change peoples driving habits for the better.  I suspect not everyone will change their habits, but hope you have many wins.

All the best for both you and your business, and thanks again for your time,



Thank you Joan. I’m not doing this just to take points off. I really am trying to make positive changes. Some drivers make it hard. But I definitely learned from your course.

Thanks again for yesterday’s educational lesson. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and your method of teaching.
Whatever may happen on Monday (court date), I believe that what I have learned will, slowly but surely, be engrained in me.
Keep up the good work! To see someone still so motivated about their job after doing it for a long period, is nothing short of amazing.

Best regards,


Thanks for the great course today. I did find it informative and was happy that there was new information for me to learn and I think more importantly relearn safety rules that I had forgotten. It is ironic that I will apply myself to meeting safety requirements and identifying hazards when I am at different work sites, or even working at home but will ignore them while driving.

Bruce R

Very much appreciated, Joan!
Thank you for your time today. I have numerous tickets and safety certificates I’ve had to take for work including H2S Alive, First aid, and Ground Disturbances level 2, and this was by far the most enjoyable. These kind of courses which can be up to 8 hours long can be brutal to sit through, and even on only 4 hours of sleep, you did very well at keeping me and everyone else interested and involved!
I will certainly pass along your information to friends in need.

It was a pleasure meeting you.

Parker M

Kept me interested, learned a lot about being a safe driver and being more aware of everything that goes along with being a defensive driver. I thought the course was well taught, and it made me feel more confident about my driving, what I should and shouldn’t be doing.


I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to meet you. I was more than satisfied with the course and was truly impressed with your knowledge and professional work ethic. I would highly recommend you for anyone who wishes to take your defensive driving course. I do not think this course could have been betterespecially with the group involvement.

Don Patterson

What I liked best about the program was the opportunity for discussion — I am so glad I did not take the online course… The day was far more enjoyable than I thought [it would be] and it went so fast! I learned a great deal and will take this information to the streets… I will also recommend Peters [Educational Services] to anyone who needs / wants to take a Defensive Driving Course.


I really enjoyed the material and the way you presented it. Too often I find that safety-related courses are merely a formality and the instructor just goes through the motions. I found it made quite a difference for me in terms of my engagement and retention that you were so engaged in it yourself.

Malcolm Graham

Class 1 operator

Thanks so much Joan for the letter and the video. I practiced some new habits on the drive home last night and this morning on the way to work. Am amazed at a few things I now realize I wasn’t doing properly.


Thanks for an excellent course. It would be a great idea if everyone took one as part of the licensing program.

Martyn I

Thank you so much Joan for the guidance that Logan received in your [Defensive Driving Class] class.

He came home happy and feeling good about being there. He also indicated that he thinks everyone should take this course, helped him remember little things that he could improve on.

Sue S

I have always been an attentive and cautious driver but I took a lot from your [defensive driving] course and think you are doing a really wonderful job…by teaching better driving habits to (mostly) experienced drivers that may be too settled into their driving habits.

After your course on my daily driving I have found that I have changed a lot of things to help me relieve my stress…your course was not a pre-requisite for me….everyone should take it every five-ten years to brush up on things

Sasha B

I liked the small class size and the enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructor. Thanks for informing me and making me want to change my driving habits.


Thanks Joan. Your course was excellent and all weekend I was explaining to my wife all the new tools I learned during your course. I am a lot more patient on the road and wanted to let you know that you made the course easy and enjoyable.


Thank you! The course was very informative and helpful! Everyone should have to take [a DDC] after several years of driving… Very valuable.

Nichole F

Thanks so much for yesterday! I learned a lot, not just by driving my own car but by watching everyone else too. I was surprised by what you can do and stay in control. The hardest part for me was not braking and learning to steer around things. Who knew?! If you ever do a winter driving course I’d love to come, and I hope next year to get Adam and Laura to do the one we did yesterday. Best wishes and thanks to “your crew” – really nice people


I certainly enjoyed the course Wednesday evening. While I was driving yesterday, when backing out from a parking spot I undid my seat belt and looked back to make sure it was clear. Also, I adjusted by seat position so that I was a bit closer to the wheel; and the 3-9 positions on the wheel felt much more comfortable. I have more items to incorporate into my driving practices and look forward to doing do.
Thanks for your insights.


We have been sending our employees to Peters Educational Services since 2013 and they always come back with a new tool regardless of how long they have been driving for. Joan makes everyone feel comfortable and also makes scheduling very easy.

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I really appreciate your services for taking the time to spread your message, create new attitudes and change habits with us all. One person at a time, you are saving lives and making a difference in this world.


Thanks for your excellent service and training you bought to our drivers. I have enjoyed working with you and your staff.


Safety Advisor

…was fantastic and helped out tremendously! Yes, I secured the job. Once again, thanks for everything.

Nathan S

I liked the experience and knowledge of the instructor, and her ability to make experienced drivers review their habits and the consequences. Excellent course!


Approach of instructor was non-confrontational and very positive. There was no sense of judgement for any individual’s circumstances. Extremely knowledgeable.


Joan Peters is one of the best, if not the TOP, driving instructor in the province.

Greg M