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Be Uniquely YOU

Be Uniquely YOU

How it All Started

Pinned Boutique is a result of a family road trip one spring-break, to visit the dinosaurs in Drumheller AB. Being confined to a small space for a long period of time allowed the family of four – consisting of Mom, Dad, Daughter and Son – to concoct some great ideas. Usually they were just pipe dreams, but this time the idea they came up with would become a reality.

Getting PINNED-Up

Before heading out on their trip, Daughter had suggested to Mom to check out a new style that she thought she would love. She showed her beautiful pictures of Pin Up and Rockabilly styles that hugged and flattered every curve. These women, in all shapes and sizes, exuded their own unique beauty. Mom felt a desire to look so pretty but, she wasn’t convinced she could pull it off. After all, she had been clad in leggings and hoodies for several years now. She was all about comfort and simplicity. Oh, but the hair, the clothes, the make-up! Glamour and comfort couldn’t go hand in hand, could they?

Daughter had stirred something in Mom and she began searching for places to try on such styles along their journey. Before they crossed the Alberta/BC border Daughter and Mom had filled the car with bags and bags of pin up and retro inspired goodies. The answer had been discovered. Glamour could be comfortable and fun! Not only that, Mom also learned she could express both her sometimes sweet and sometimes sassy side. Why limit such a complex personality to one expression of style?

Pinned Boutique today

From that road trip to today, we created a business that is our pleasure! Pinned Boutique is a way for us to offer the styles and products we love and have fun doing it. Featuring Pin Up, Rockabilly and Retro clothing and accessories, we have what you want to express your unique image – however YOU like. From classy, sassy, sweetie, flirty, creepy, cutie and every combination in between. We carry product for guys too, including beard and moustache essentials! Our inventory and list of suppliers are constantly expanding, so check back often. We are happy to offer you two convenient ways to shop with us: online, here at pinnedboutique.ca or in person at our downtown Kelowna location:

1332 Water St. Kelowna BC.

Can’t wait to meet all you cool cats!

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