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Boom Truck Online Safety Course

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Boom Truck Online Safety Course

Course Detail

Boom Truck course price $89.95
Boom Truck course duration 90 minute
Boom Truck Pass mark 80%
Boom Truck attempts to pass 3
Boom Truck Course certificate of completion Yes

Boom Truck Course special notes

Course certifications can be downloaded and printed. Certificates are stored online for five years.
If you require multiple user accounts please contact The Online Safety Training Network directly.

Course Overview

The Online Boom Truck Training Course is provided to ensure safe operation and productivity. The course meets OSHA requirements for powered industrial boom trucks.

Mobile cranes are versatile machines that can be used for many job applications from loading and unloading materials in excess of 75 tons and placing those materials or personnel at heights hundreds of feet high.

Online Course Topics

Crane Anatomy Basic rigging principles
The importance of daily inspections Safe inspect and use of lifting slings
Crane stability and load charts ‘Critical lifts’ and the planning required
Crane Setup – Safety considerations The six most common hazards associated with crane operation
Communication and hand signals

Boom Truck Course Duration

Approximately 90 mins

Online Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this online course, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing.

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