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Ground Disturbance for supervisors 201 – Online – ABCGA Endorsed

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Ground Disturbance course Price $99.95
Ground Disturbance course duration Approximately 3.5 hours
Ground Disturbance pass mark 80%
Ground Disturbance attempts to pass 2
Ground Disturbance course certificate of completion Yes, valid for 3 years

Ground Disturbance for Supervisors Course special notes

The course meets all of the requirements for course content set forth by the ABCGA committee, and as such the online course will be recognized as fully satisfying the same standards as the classroom course.

Course certifications can be downloaded and printed. Certificates are stored online for five years.
If you require multiple user accounts please contact The Online Safety Training Network directly.

Course Overview

This ABCGA  approved online course is designed for planners, managers, supervisors and employees who are or will be required to develop, plan and implement any kind of ground disturbance. Once complete you should be able to identify and define ground disturbance; describe the hazards of ground disturbance; decide what permits and agreements will be required; describe how to locate and identify underground facilities; describe regulations associated with ground disturbance; describe the responsibilities for owners and ground disturbers; and describe safety requirements.

This online Ground Disturbance for Supervisors course contains the same course content as a classroom delivered Ground Disturbance 201 course which has been approved as meeting the content and delivery requirements of the “Ground Disturbance 201 Safety Training Standard” of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), formerly the Alberta Damage Prevention Council.


Module 1 – Definition, Words & Terms

Module 2 – Regulations & Responsibilities

Module 3 – Approvals, Permits, & Agreements

Module 4 – Ground Disturbance Planning

Module 5 – Stages of Ground Disturbance

Module 6 – Underground Facility Contact

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