New Business

New Business Expenses

Starting a new business is exciting! It’s an adventure that comes with countless highs and unexpected lows. Starting your own business almost never goes as planned, and occasionally there are shocking expenses that come up.

Things you can expect

There are some basic startup costs that you can expect:

  • Logo design
  • Business Card
  • Legal and/or professional fees
  • Office Furniture
  • Equipment like computers
  • Marketing Material
  • Phone costs
  • Rent and deposits
  • Licenses and Permits

Those are just a few of the long list of startup costs. But what happens when there are expenses that aren’t on a list?

Cash Injection

Occasionally no matter how much planning you do, sudden expenses can crop up. When those do you might need a cash injection to finish getting the business set up or cover the unexpected items.

ULoan Canada can help your business with a cash injection when you need to most.

No Application, No Credit Checks

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