We’ve moved!

ULoan Canada has moved to a new location! Our new location offers more parking and privacy and is located on Spall Road in the Spall Business Center.

Unexpected repairs

Life can lead to unexpected repairs to your home, or vehicle. When life throws you a curve ball, contact ULoan Canada for a cash loan when you need it most.

Waiting for invoices to be paid?

Waiting for invoices to be paid can feel like the longest time period in the world. ULoan can help ease your cash crunch quickly with a collateral loan.

Holiday Expenses

ULoan Canada knows that there can always be unexpected holiday expenses during the season. We can help with a collateral loan to get you though the season.

Welcome to ULoan

Welcome to ULoan Canada, the next evolution in the Instant Cash Loan industry! We can provide Cash Loans when you need them most!