Small Business Lending Scenarios

Businesses uLoan helps

Mortgage Brokers

Often times a client needs to free up some cash for the downpayment or refinancing on a new home.

A loan from uLoan Canada will not affect their credit rating and only requires that the client has available collateral.  It’s that simple.


Do your clients need to satisfy CRA obligation? Your clients are strapped for cash but do have equity?

Another way uLoan can help.

Contractors and Small Business Owners

Payroll looming? Customer’s slow paying? Need to purchase supplies for the next project?

A new piece of equipment is required to grow the business? If you have other assets free and clear, uLoan can help!

Auto Repair Shops

uLoan can lend auto repair shop customers the funds they need to pay for needed repairs.

This helps them get back on the road and the shop owners get paid!


Shortfall on the down payment, deposit or closing adjustments? Need cash for your client quickly to save the deal?

uLoan is here for you.

Lawyers and Notaries

Have a deal closing at the end of the week but your clients need to bridge the cash flow gap?
Call uLoan today!