Title Loans

Title Loans are fast and easy ways to secure a cash loan.

Terms and Conditions

You can borrow $1,000-$50,000 on your:
Car, Truck, SUV, Semi-Truck and Heavy Duty Equipment.

It really is this Easy….. A Free and Clear Automobile and Full Insurance Coverage Means you are Approved!!!

***see terms below regarding qualifying vehicles***

Title loans are for those customers who need a cash loan right away and need to hold on to their vehicle.

We do not rely on credit scores, nor do we report to credit bureaus.  NO credit checks are required because your free and clear automobile IS your credit!

uLoan Canada is here to help you get your cash and be on your way.

Title Loan Requirements

  1. Title Loan Requirements
  2. Vehicle must be paid for in full with Clear Title. Must be free of Liens and/or Leases
  3. The Vehicle must not be older than 10 years and must have less than 200,000 KM’s**some exceptions are available. Please contact us
  4. The Vehicle must be fully insured with collision and comprehensive coverages
  5. Vehicle must be in good state of repair, both physical and mechanical
  6. We will require a spare set of keys
  7. You must present two pieces of government ID. (Driver’s license, SIN card, birth certificate. Additional ID in the form of household bills, credit cards may suffice)

Come into our office (by appointment only), fill in our form or call at 250-300-3015 to get the loan you need today!