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Since 1997, Noise Solutions has been the leader in providing our clients full turnkey solutions for all of their Industrial control reduction needs.

Cooler Fan attenuation

Cooler Silencers that do not impede the airflow, are sealed to grade and self-supporting

Engineering solutions

Offering Noise Assessments, Pile Design, Foundations and Electrical Design

Engine Exhaust Silencers

Attenuation level options to meet your acoustical and economic targets from a 30 dB to 70dB reduction

Acoustical Ventilation

Keep your facility quite and cool at the same time, without compromising gas detection

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Noise Solutions’ knowledge covers a variety of noise related issues that your compressor may face


Noise Solutions’ Team really goes the extra mile to help this company thrive


From working on the NASA Crawler, to resolving landowner disputes we have done it all

Providing full turnkey solutions

We are not just the leading provider of engineered industrial noise suppression for the energy sector, we provide full turnkey solution services to many different industries.

 We offer assistance with a variety of industries such as Mining, Forestry, Aviation, Power Generation and Oil & Gas.


If you are looking for a standard enclosure without noise suppression, then look no further than BOSS Buildings.

BOSS Buildings, a division of Nosie Solutions, supplies standard enclosures for all your building needs.


Noise Solutions is a full-service company offering superior products and services that work together to effectively attenuate industrial noise.

It starts with our four-step Noise Suppression Blueprint™ and ends with unparalleled, cost-effective results.

Noise Solutions BluePrintTM

Analyze Facility Noise
Skilled acoustic technicians perform a detailed engineered assessment to determine the contributing noise at your facility and recommend the most effective, economical and compliant solution.
Engineer and Design Effective Solutions
Our commitment to research, development and innovation ensures Noise Solutions continues to set the industry standard and the most effective, efficient and accurate choice.
Manufacture to Highest Standards
Our manufacturing plants in Canada and the United States enable quality fabrication and on-time delivery anywhere in North America.
Professional Installation

Our experienced and certified field crews ensure installations are safe and efficient with guaranteed results and minimal downtime

Making the world quieter for over 20 years

In 1997, Rod and Scott MacDonald set out to prove that industry and community could exist in harmony.

Working with many of the leading energy companies, they designed, engineered, tested and patented industrial noise attenuation equipment that even today, stands the test of time in performance and durability.

USA Office

Sharon, Pennsylvania


Canada office

Calgary, Alberta